About Us
I have had the privilege to teach Red Cross First Aid courses for 15 years and have volunteered with the Red Cross Disaster Management team for 11 years. 
In 2017 I became a Red Cross Training partner and now provide trusted Red Cross first aid courses through my own company, ABC First Aid

I am married, have three children and enjoy hiking, canoeing and gardening.  I have been a Scouts Canada leader for 11 years and enjoy sharing my outdoor and conservation skills with the youth in our area.

Being a mom for three busy kids, a community volunteer and working with different companies I have realized how important it is to have first aid skills. 
At ABC First Aid we strive to make all courses applicable, informative and enjoyable.

In every course we combine up to date training techniques and your life experience  to create meaningful courses that suit your first aid needs.  Whether you require first aid training for employment, a volunteer position, school or as a parent/caregiver, there is a first aid course for you.

Our manikins offer one of the best learning experiences, helping you develop and sharpen CPR skills.  Learning  with our realistic defibrillator trainers will give you the confidence to use your skills in a real situation.

Our infant manikins allow you hands on practice in infant choking situations. 

ABC First Aid provides comprehensive first aid courses in Kenora and
surrounding areas.




ABC First Aid is located in Northwest Ontario in the Kenora District employing two dedicated and experienced first aid instructors.
Comprehensive one and two day courses offering First Aid and CPR skills for those who need training due to work requirements or who want more knowledge to respond to emergencies at home.

Courses meet legislation requirements for provincial/territorial worker safety and insurance boards (WSIB) and includes the latest First Aid and CPR guidelines.
ABC First Aid has the experience to tailor first aid courses to suit your learning and training needs. 

We are willing to travel to your community to provide hands on first aid training. 

ABC First Aid provides two public courses every month in Kenora for members of the public and businesses.